Who Is She?

LaTanya Renee


LaTanya Renee Howell has been a fashion stylist since around age 8. Barbie dolls were her first clients and their inability to pay did not deter her from ensuring they were appropriately fabulous for any occasion, including dinners, birthday parties, proms and weddings! Her love for fashion continued to develop over the years and she would play dress up for hours at a time, changing from one outfit to the next. Once when LaTanya tried on her sister’s recital tutu and it was love at first sight. She wore that tutu everywhere…with everything! As she confidently paraded that tutu around the house, in the grocery store and even in church, her unique style was born. To this day, LaTanya keeps a tutu in her wardrobe!


Currently LaTanya is a Fashion Marketing student at Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago. When it comes to her personal style, she’s not afraid to push the envelope and express herself with a variety of textures in bright colors or bold prints. If you are looking to discover your own unique trendy style, allow LaTanya to assist you in finding the colors or pieces that will bring out the best you. She will work with you to accentuate the boldness you already possess and perhaps add some color to it. Whether it’s with a tutu or a leopard pant with just the right footwear, every woman deserves to have her own representation of fierce!